10 Best Portfolio Tumblr Themes

Our collection of the best portfolio Tumblr themes, for showing your portfolio of photos, illustrations, or graphic design.

Tumblr is a visual platform. Everyone shares images, they get reblogged, and widely shared. Even though you can use another site as your home base, you should always consider Tumblr as a social platform to share your work. And the best way to do this is to use a portfolio theme!

What to Look for in A Portfolio Tumblr Theme

There are thousands of Tumblr themes, and most of them focus on image content, so how should you choose the best theme for your portfolio? Well, here are some guidelines for you to consider when choosing a portfolio theme:

  • Visual strength: Being a graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer, web designer or other kind of visual designer, you know that the main content you will be posting are images. So choose a theme that displays them in the homepage as a grid of thumbnails. This way visitors will have an immediate idea of what you are about.
  • Mobile ready: This is a must have nowadays. Everyone goes online using their phones or tablets, so make sure the theme is responsive and looks great on a mobile device.
  • About Me Widget: This is a plus in a theme. A space where you can introduce yourself to your visitors.
  • Social Media links: Don’t forget that having your social media links on your site will make visitors go through and follow you on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn and other.
  • Share-ability: Share, reblog are very important to make your site grow in terms of visitors and popularity.
  • Works well with mockups: If you’re wanting to find a theme that lets you showcase your app or UI designs, try to find one that has a design that would work well with mockup templates. You’ll want these images to stand out front-and-center.

Of course, if you want something slightly more in-depth than what Tumblr can offer, you might want to look for a WordPress theme instead. This collection of WordPress themes for graphic designers is a good starting point.

Here’s a selection of 10 Tumblr themes that will make a great portfolio:

1. Résumé

Résumé is a unique theme specially made for the creative and visually striking. You can set it up to have a large cover image with your logo and social media links. On the top, there’s always an availability bar with a link to hire you (goes to any page or email as it is customizable). Then you can setup your About Me text with a link, your experience and skills, portfolio thumbnails, testimonials, clients, newsletter… and all widgets in the sidebar. It’s the perfect theme for your portfolio.

Resume Tumblr Theme

2. Gradient

This theme will also make a great portfolio. It has all the features mentioned above and a colorful style that can be customized in the Appearance panel. Very bold and it will make a statement.

Gradient Tumblr Theme

3. Mood

Clean and fun, Mood is a simple yet catchy theme for Tumblr. Its zigzag layout is unique and not many sites look like this, so your portfolio will sure make an impact. It features all the above guidelines, so just set it up and you are good to go.

Mood Tumblr Theme

4. Exposure

An amazing theme for photography but it can be used for illustration or design. With a full-screen slideshow, an intro where you can introduce yourself and thumbnails of your work. Also includes a newsletter block, widgets, social media links and all above features.

Exposure Tumblr Theme

5. NeatFolio

If you like all information at hand and easy to see in the first look, NeatFolio might be the one for you. It has a sidebar with the navigation and widgets that is always available and a grid featuring the content that loads when scrolled.

Netfolio Tumblr Theme

6. Mimesi

If you are into a simpler portfolio with just your work and social media links, check Mimesi. It has a clean design that will make your work pop.

Mimesi Tumblr Theme

7. Casimir

With an Agency-style approach, Casimir is great if you are positioning yourself as an Agency or a Solopreneur. It has special sections in the homepage to present yourself, your work and your clients.

Casimir Tumblr Theme

8. Air

Very minimal looking and white, focusing on your content only. Even though this theme doesn’t have any widgets, it has the basics.

Air Tumblr Theme

9. Supple

Rich, fun and colorful. If your style fits, you should look into Supple. It is a great theme for an illustrator or graphic designer.

Supple Tumblr Theme

10. Pop Gallery Lite (free)

And to end, this listing here’s a free alternative. It has a beautiful and clean design, but with a distinct touch of the circular thumbnails. Simple, yet very catchy and with a premium version in case you want to go a little further with options.

PopGallery Lite Tumblr Theme

So, don’t forget: even though you might have another online portfolio using your own platform, set up one using Tumblr. Tumblr is a huge social network and highly focused on visuals, so who knows who can see your work and be your next client? All major brands are there, so consider it and choose one of these amazing themes.