10 Best Tumblr Themes for Photographers

Our collection of the best Tumblr themes for photographers, for showcasing your images and portfolio.

Most of the content posted on Tumblr is image-based, and a large part of it is photography! Whether you are a professional photographer or just a casual one, Tumblr can be the perfect platform to display your work.

There are a lot of themes to choose from — both premium and free. But if you are looking for the perfect theme for a photography blog or portfolio, make sure it has the following features!

What to Look for in a Photography Tumblr Theme

  • Focus on images: Choose a theme that showcases the post in the homepage as a grid of thumbnails (if you are setting up a portfolio) or with large images (if instead, you are building a blog). This way visitors will have a overall view of your work.
  • Mobile ready: Most of the internet traffic today is done on mobile platforms, so make sure the theme is responsive and looks great on small screens.
  • Social Media Links: Don’t forget that having your social media links on your site will make visitors go through and follow you on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn and other.
  • Widget Ready: Other online services such as Flickr and Instagram can be shown inside your blog using widgets however, not all themes have this available.
  • Share-ability: Share, reblog are very important to make your site grow in followers and popularity.
  • EXIF data: When shooting with DSLR cameras, the saved EXIF data can be accessed and displayed by your theme.

So, having some of all of these features, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be currently the top 10 themes for showcasing photography on Tumblr:

1. Exposure

Specially created for the professional photographer (or enthusiastic amateur), the Exposure theme can have a full-screen slideshow with a minimal interface. A grid of posts that loads on scroll, an About Me section where you can introduce yourself, a newsletter area, social media links, widgets and EXIF support in the photo posts. A truly complete theme for Tumblr.

Exposure Tumblr Theme

2. Wayfarer

Almost layout out as a travel magazine, the Wayfarer theme is great if you want to group your photography into categories. It has a slideshow and its great for a photography blog. With a very modern and slick look, it has most of the features mentioned above except for EXIF support.

Wayfarer Tumblr Theme

3. Photographica

Perfect for a group blog but also for a portfolio. Photographica has a clean and geometric style that will make your photos stand out.

Photographica Tumblr Theme

4. Viewfinder

A minimal theme presenting a slider and a grid of large thumbnails that works perfectly for photography. It also supports widgets and social media links.

Viewfinder Tumblr Theme

5. Saturation

Another minimal theme for presenting photos, with a slideshow, thumbnails and a footer with widgets and social media links. Supports EXIF data as well.

Saturation Tumblr Theme

6. Huge

As the name says, this theme is all for large images so it makes an excellent choice for a photography portfolio or blog.

Huge Tumblr Theme

7. Sqre

Another minimalist theme, based on a grid. The dark background makes your images pop. It includes sharing and widgets.

Sqre Tumblr Theme

8. Kodiak

With a horizontal scroll layout, this theme has a unique way of showcasing photographies. Great if you want to use it in a narrative way. All the theme interface is very muted so that the content prevails. No widgets are included, but it can be an excellent choice for a photographic portfolio.

Kodiak Tumblr Theme

9. Compass

A blend between a blog and a portfolio, beautifully made with large images and an immersive experience.

Compass Tumblr Theme

10. Vintage (free)

Finally, we end this list with a free alternative. Vintage is a fully featured theme. With the exception of supporting EXIF data, it has all features mentioned above, including a large footer with room for your Instagram account, Likes, Following, Flickr, Twitter and so much more. So, give it a try. It would make a great blog.

Vintage Tumblr Theme

So, to wrap it up, if you are a photographer, there are a lot of great themes out there for you to choose from. Hopefully, with our selection, you will have a great starting point. And perhaps you don’t need to go any further, some of those themes are so amazing I am sure they will catch you by surprise.