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Arrange and sort all your content in a catalog-like format.

Arrange all your content in a catalog-like format with widgets, and a full-size slider.

Catalog is a simple yet very complete Tumblr Theme focused on getting all your photos, text, videos, audio in a catalog-like format. All posts are displayed as thumbnails and you can see more by clicking them. It’s a responsive theme that works well in different screen sizes.

It has a slider that fetches posted photos based on a special ‘slider’ tag, which is a great way to add a featured, dynamic element to your page.

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22nd July 2020 — v1.8
  • General updates and removed Instagram support
10th April 2017 — v1.7
  • Fixed an issue with video thumbnails
  • Improvements for SSL and HTTPS
29th April 2014 — v1.5
  • Added: New toggle navigation for small screens.
  • Added: New option to ‘Enable Strong as Title’.
  • Added: Show Notes option.
  • Added: Enable Disqus option.
  • Added: Two additional custom nav tags.
  • Added: Give Credit Option.
  • Added: Header HTML Code.
  • Added: Footer Custom Code.
  • Added: Comments background color.
  • Added: Keywords option (SEO).
  • Updated: Flickr plugin replaced.
  • Updated: Dribbble plugin replaced.
  • Updated: FitVids script (1.1).
  • Improved: Permalink page (content page) completely redesigned.
  • Improved: Optimization of the code for more rendering speed.
15th Oct 2013 — v1.4
  • Added: Option to show pagination on top/bottom.
  • Added: Page numbers to pagination (optional).
  • Added: Submit functionality.
  • Fixed: Photoset display with captions.
  • Fixed: Instagram widget is now working.
  • Updated: Dribbble widget script.
  • Updated: FitVids script.
3rd Jul 2013 — v1.3
  • Added: Option to center logo (and top nav).
  • Added: Like / Reblog Tumblr buttons.
  • Added: Answer post type.
  • Added: Mouse-over link/effect over audio thumbnails.
  • Added: Video images as thumbnails (new Tumblr feature).
  • Added: Optional slider on all (listing) pages.
  • Added: Option to enable real size images (instead of enlarged to full width in the photo post page).
  • Fixed: Pagination link on homepage (only showing bottom).
  • Fixed: Removed Tweetable (stopped working) and added Tumblr’s Twitter JS.
  • Changed: Default colors to be the same as the Catalog demo site.
  • Improved: Most JS is now inline making the theme faster (less calls to the server).
14th May 2013 — v1.2
  • Added: Sticky footer.
  • Added: Boxed layout option.
  • Added: Background color and image option.
  • Fixed: Removed pagination when there’s only one page.
  • Fixed: Previous / Next buttons position on mobile.
  • Fixed: Tag caption missing in audio post and photoset post pages.
  • Fixed: Multiple CSS fixes.
  • Changed: Lightbox has a new code (fits the entire screen).
  • Changed: Improved thumbnails for audio posts.
  • Changed: Footer links are now centered.
  • Changed: Dribbble.js to inline js for faster loading.
  • Updated: Fontello code for icon fonts.
  • Updated: Audio pages (all audio plug-ins are now displaying correctly).
  • Updated: Timeago JQuery to 1.1.0.
  • Updated: JQuery version to latest version.
21st Mar 2013 — v1.1
  • Added: “Following” Widget (footer).
  • Added: “Likes” Widget (footer).
  • Added: “Instagram” Widget (footer).
  • Added: Search title on footer when “Social Media” widget is turned off.
  • Added: Support for Black and Grey AudioPlayer.
  • Added: Optional location of the Pages links on the top navigation.
  • Added: Support for Tumblr’s Photoset layout (as a theme option).
  • Added: Optional field for Homepage tumbnails.
  • Added: Optional field for Twitter username.
  • Fixed: Pagination ordering in listings (was reversed).
  • Changed: New position for Audio Player (on permalink page).
  • Changed: Minor code cleanup.
22nd Jan 2013 — v1.0
  • Release of this theme