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Customise everything, and make your Tumblr website your own.

A Free, Versatile Theme

Elemental is a free theme with premium functionality. You can change absolutely everything, and make your Tumblr website your own.

  • Grid and blog-style layouts
  • Two sidebar positions
  • Beautifully responsive for mobile and tablet
  • Customise every colour and feature
  • Showcase a beautiful header image
  • Add various sidebar widgets — Flickr, Dribbble, and more.

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Sidebar Widgets

Elemental comes with an array of different sidebar widgets. You can feature your latest photographs from Flickr, your most recent tweets, inspiration on Pinterest, and more.

Social buttons let people follow your adventures on your various social media channels.


Grid & Blog-Style Layouts

Choose from two completely different layout styles to make your website your own.

Either a regular, blog-style layout with two columns, or a masonry grid-style layout that arranges your content in a grid on the page.

Grid and Blog Layouts

Share Away

With one click, visitors can share your content across different social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

This is in addition to all the usual Tumblr features, allowing people to like and reblog your content. Don't let your incredible content go unnoticed!

Post Sharing

A Big, Beautiful Header

Prominently feature a large header image, as well as your profile picture (in square or circle variations).

Your social profiles are showcased right in the header, and you can choose from every major social network.



22nd July 2020 — v2.5
  • General updates and removed Instagram support
15th May 2017 — v2.4
  • Updated to support SSL
10th November 2016 — v2.2
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook comments
13th May 2015 — v2.1
  • Fixed issue with height of images within text posts
  • Fixed issue with video embeds within text posts
  • Implemented full-width images in posts
  • Fixed issue with video captions not displaying correctly
19th March 2015 — v2.0
  • Updated jQuery version
  • Added first paragraph emphasis for text posts
  • Added nine more social icon options
  • Moved RSS link to social icons section
  • Improved the display of quotation marks in quote posts
  • Introduced a new social sharing widget
  • Fixed display of Like/Reblog buttons in theme preview
  • Updated Next/Previous post link text
  • Updated social sharing link widget
  • Improved text formatting and typography
16th Feb 2015 — v1.9
  • Added show/hide of Random, Archive, and RSS links
6th Feb 2015 — v1.8
  • Added 500px as an option as a social media profile
21st Jan 2015 — v1.7
  • Fixed the Twitter widget to only display most recent five tweets
18th Dec 2014 — v1.6
  • Added option to show or hide your avatar
5th Dec 2014 — v1.5
  • Improved display of tweets that contain links
28th Nov 2014 — v1.4
  • Add ability to turn on/off the "Following" sidebar block
  • Improved masonry/grid layout
  • Added a custom lightbox to photoset posts
25th Nov 2014 — v1.3
  • Fixed bug with an image in a text post being too large in grid view
24th Nov 2014 — v1.2
  • Removed logo element (now using Tumblr avatar)
  • Fixed bug with column height
  • Simplified number of icon font elements loaded
  • Fixed missing alt text for some images
10th Nov 2014 — v1.1
  • Fixed bug with social media icons not loading in Chrome
27th Oct 2014 — v1.0
  • Initial release