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Bold colors, big photos, and a customisable layout that lets you style every post.

A bold, colourful theme with beautifully styled posts.

Interlace is premium Tumblr theme with bold images, big photos, and customisation options that put the layout and design in your hands.

  • Customise the colour and texture of each post type to create your own design
  • A powerful menu with widgets for Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble, and more
  • A drop-down menu for featuring different tags
  • Infinite scrolling

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Here's What You Get:
  • Immediate access to download your theme
  • Lifetime theme updates

Customise Every Post Type

Interlace gives you the option to customise the look-and-feel of every different post type. Text, Photo, Chat, Video posts — you name it, you can change it.

Choose a background colour (or one of several background textures), a text colour, and whether to show light or dark icons.

It's a simple way to create a unique design that really stands out from the crowd.

Customise Post Types

Powerful Menu & Widgets

Interlace's sidebar displays on every page, and features an animated interface for swapping between different widgets.

You can feature your latest photographs from Flickr, your most recent tweets, new designs on Dribbble, and more.

Social buttons let people follow your adventures on your various social media channels — we support dozens of different icons and networks (and we're always adding more!)


Drop-Down Featured Tags

You can choose to add a drop-down menu to your blog navigation, with links to particular tags that you'd like to feature.

Just enter your chosen tags (separated by commas) in the Customise page, and these will show up in a nicely styled list in the sidebar.

It's a great way to organise your posts, and make your blog easy to navigate!

Interlace Tags

Customise Everything

You can change any aspect of Interlace to match your style. Fonts and typography, colours, layout, backgrounds — you name it, you can customise it!

It looks great right out of the box, but it's simple to put your own stamp on the design (and we're here to help you every step of the way!)

Customise Options

Share Away

With one click, visitors can share your content across different social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

This is in addition to all the usual Tumblr features, allowing people to like and reblog your content. Don't let your incredible content go unnoticed!

Sharing Posts

Keyboard Navigation

A unique feature makes it easy for your readers to flick around your site, using only their keyboard.

H takes you home, R takes you to a random post, and the Left and Right arrows navigate between posts or pages. Discover a whole new way to browse your Tumblr site!

Keyboard Navigation
Here's What You Get:
  • Immediate access to download your theme
  • Lifetime theme updates


22nd July 2020 — v1.6
  • General updates and removed Instagram support
10th April 2017 — v1.5
  • Improvements for SSL and HTTPS
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook comments
2nd December 2015 — v1.4
  • Fixed an issue with Dribbble functionality
13th May 2015 — v1.3
  • Added option to remove the title if desired
  • Added option to upload your own logo
  • Fixed issue with height of images within text posts
  • Fixed issue with video embeds within text posts
  • Implemented full-width images in posts
  • Fixed issue with video captions not displaying correctly
  • Add a text widget option in the sidebar
  • Fixed issue with drop-down navigation hover colour
11th May 2015 — v1.2
  • Updated the colour scheme for the demo site / default colours
  • Tweaked width of posts and media/photos
  • Tweaked design of the navigation links
  • Tweaked the design of chat posts
19th March 2015 — v1.1
  • Updated jQuery version
  • Added nine more social icon options
  • Improved the display of quotation marks in quote posts
  • Updated social sharing link widget
  • Improved text formatting and typography
13th March 2015 — v1.0
  • Initial Release