10 Best Travel Tumblr Themes

See our picks of the best travel Tumblr themes, for creating a travel or vacation blog on your next trip.

Tumblr might be the ideal platform for your next travel blog. It’s easy to set up and easy to post to on your vacation — you just need to choose one of the best travel Tumblr themes from our top picks!

Travelling and sharing go hand in hand. You’re on the beach, the sun is just right, and you snap a photo to share that moment. When you are on the go, using the Tumblr app to update your blog is so easy — you can be sharing photos in a few seconds!

However, even though the posting experience is the same no matter which theme you use, the theme you choose will dictate what your blog will look like. So, make sure you think carefully about choosing your travel Tumblr theme!

Key Travel Theme Features:

  • Visually Focused: When you travel, most of the time you are taking photos. First the photos, then the writing. Make sure you choose a theme that puts emphasis on its visual content. This can be, for example, a theme that has large images or thumbnails on the homepage.
  • Mobile Ready: Today most users are online using their phones. Make sure your theme is responsive and that it looks great on small devices.
  • Widget Ready: Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, all those other social platforms where you are also sharing your content should have a place in your blog.
  • Social Media Links: Let people follow you on all your social media by using the easy links.
  • About Me Widget: An introductory widget or specific area of your site should introduce you and your traveling to visitors.
  • Share-Ready: Make sure your posts are shareable so that your blog gains new visitors and popularity!

Here’s a selection of 10 Tumblr themes that you can check out for your next travel blog:

1. Travel Pro

This theme is specially tailored for the traveler. It has every feature mentioned above – completely image focused but with a beautiful layout text area. No distractions just focused on the journey almost like a diary where each post follows the previous one. All widgets are available through the main navigation.

Travel Pro Tumblr Theme

2. Exposure

An amazing theme for travel and photography. With a full-screen slideshow, an intro where you can introduce yourself and thumbnails for your photos. Also includes a newsletter block, widgets, social media links and all above features.

Exposure Tumblr Theme

3. Wayfarer

Another great theme for traveling. With a large slider where you can feature your most important travel days or trips. With this particular theme, you can setup 4 different featured categories than can link to tags, pages or even outside links.

You can even set each for a different country or trip. All the features mentioned above are included in this theme, so it makes it one of the top 3 for travel blogs.

Wayfarer Tumblr Theme

4. Viewfinder

A minimalist theme focused on images that will also make a great experience for the travel blogger, especially on the go.

Viewfinder Tumblr Theme

5. Memorabilia

If you want a scrapbook-like experience for your travels, then you might want to try Memorabilia. This theme has a vintage-papery look to it, just like a personal scrapbook where you glue your snapshots and take some notes. It also includes widgets, is mobile-ready and has share capabilities.

Memorabilia Tumblr Theme

6. Nest

A simple and elegant way of showing your travel blog, with two columns: one for your branding and navigation and the other for content with configurable width. If you don’t need widgets this one can be a good choice.

Nest Tumblr Theme

7. Lytton

Another minimalist theme with a single column very focused on the content. It has most of the must-have features mentioned above.

Lytton Tumblr Theme

8. Ultrawide

Ultrawide features a wide design to show your images in large resolution. The layout is very minimal and can be a good starting point.

Ultrawide Tumblr Theme

9. Vesper

If you want a strictly visual experience, Vesper is a Tumblr theme with the capability of filling the screen with a title of your photos. Can be an excellent alternative.

Vesper Tumblr Theme

10. Observer

The last option is a free theme. Minimal yet effective. Doesn’t have all features mentioned above but it covers the basics. With it, you can start your travel blog adventure and then go for a premium theme.

Observer Tumblr Theme

This year, when you leave for your next travel, give it a try. Set up a new Tumblr blog, choose a theme and use the Tumblr app to record your experiences. You will have a beautiful online album for you and others to look and enjoy.